Agenda 19 September 2019

Stoke Trister with Bayford Parish Council___________________

Notice of Meeting



Thursday 19 September 2019 at 7.30pm

Bayford Mission Hall


Public Forum

Prior to the start of the meeting the Chairman gives leave to members of the public to speak. 

1. Apologies for absence

2. 4. Declaration of Interest

3. Minutes of the Parish Council Meetings held on 11 July and Planning Meetings of 2, 30 August 2019.

A resolution is sought to approve and sign the minutes as a true record

4. Planning Matters 

a. New Planning Matters

Planning Application No:  19/01778/FUL

Applicant: Mrs J Calderwood

Location:  Land rear of 2 Cambria Villas Devenish Lane Bayford Wincanton. BA9 9NG

Proposal:  The erection of a new single storey dwelling and the formation of a new vehicular access off Bayford Hill – re-submission – The site planning meeting was attended by all 7 Councillors, 4 of whom were new to the Council.

This application was unanimously refused by all Councillors on the basis of:

  1. The plot in question is far too small for any development.
  2. The recreation space is not sufficient for 2 properties.
  3. We reiterate our previous concerns over the dangerous access onto Bayford Hill. We believe that Highways has not visited this site before making their observations. We ask that Highways at SSDC visit this site before any decision is made by the planning officer.
  4. It would be taking away a decent family house and garden.
  5. As this is one of a pair of semi detached properties any development as applied for would make it disproportionate on one side of a garden.
  6. It is basically garden grab and overdevelopment.

The Chairman stated that the applicant had contacted her by telephone asking if the meeting could be moved to another day as she was unable to be there. The Chairman’s response was that we couldn’t and she should try to get a representative to be there.

Application No: 19/02045/HOU

Applicant: Mr & Mrs Granville-Miller

Location: Stoke House, Bayfjord Lane, Stoke Trister Wincanton BA9 9PG

Proposal: Demolish existing lean to, and the erection of a two-storey extension to side of dwellinghouse.- – Unanimous vote to recommend approval.

b. Outcome of planning matters already considered:

Planning Application No: 19/01322/S73

Applicant: Hopkins Estates

Location:  Land OS 3969 Part Devenish Lane, Bayford, Wincanton.

Proposal:  Application to vary condition 2 (approved  plans) of planning approval 18/03272/FUL (amendment of roof material) – There were no objections to the change of roofing material. However, we would like to see the Planning Officers consultation with Wessex Water concerning the high pressure pipes underground.- Application permitted with conditions.

Planning Application No: 19/01284/REM 

Applicant: Mr. Shaun Paul 

Location: Land adjacent to Highbrook, Devenish Lane. 

Proposal: Application of reserved matters following approval of 18/02145/OUT for the erection of a two storey detached dwelling to include access, appearance, landscaping, layout and scale. – At a site meeting today, the following observations were made by Stoke Trister with Bayford Parish Council: The Councillors were unable to access the site and no one was available to ask permission. 

1. Devenish Lane is a rural settlement and this application does not conform with the requirements of the SS2 housing need within the SSDC Local Plan 2006-2028. 

2. Devenish Lane is a dangerous single-track lane encountering a lot of traffic at present. Further development will cause more traffic and more distress to residents. 

3. There will be a massive amount of drainage work to be done. 

4. We reiterate our previous observations for this application made on 28 September 2018. 

5. Stoke Trister with Bayford Parish Council therefore unanimously refuse this application. 

Some Councillors mentioned that the owners were running a business from this site with no planning permission. This has been previously addressed to the Planning Department, however, we are unaware what, if anything, has been done about it.- No further information. 

Planning Application No: 19/00373/FUL

Applicant: Mr & Mrs Garrett

Location:  Highcroft, Bayford Lane, Stoke Trister, Wincanton. BA9 9PG

Proposal:  Erection of a new dwelling. – No further information.

Planning Application No: 19/00258/OUT

Applicant: Mr M and Miss F Haskett and Thornton

Location:  Land at Church Farm, Stoke Trister, Wincanton BA9 9PG

Proposal:  Outline application with all matters reserved for the redevelopment of Church Farm buildings and bungalow and erection of 2 dwellings. – No further information. Amended plan.

Application No: 18/01991/FUL

Applicant: Mr Chris Bellars

Location: Land at Sycamore Barn, Stoke Trister, Wincanton.

Proposal: The conversion of existing domestic storage building into a single dwelling and the erection of a car port. No further information. Amended plan.

5. Notice Board 

Decision to be made.

6. Correspondence Received


7. Highways 

a. Report from Councillor Summerfield. 

8. Footpaths

a. Report from Councillor Grant

9.Financial Matters

a. Statement of Account and bank reconciliation

b. Bank Balances to 31 August 2019. 

A resolution is sought to accept the financial statement as at 31 August 2019. Stoke Trister & Bayford PC Current A/c £11037.73; Stoke Trister & Bayford PC Reserve A/c £8170.06; Leigh Common Savings A/c £5102.52.

c. A resolution is sought to sign the following cheques

Cheque No: 000480 SALC 80.00

Cheque No: 000481 Clerk salary, expenses and council expenses             542.27

10. Riding Gate and East View

Report from Sam Fox states that both are still ongoing.

11. Defibrillator

Report from Cllr McKenna

12. Area East Monthly Meetings

To be discussed.

13. Clerks Spinal Column

To be discussed

14. Unicorn Inn

To be discussed

15 Signatories

All updated to Niru Linsley, Mac Grant, Jill Macfarlane, Jane McKenna and Mary Summerfield

16. Date of the next meeting. 

Thursday 14 November 2019 (Precept meeting) 

Mrs P Gillman

Clerk to the Parish Council                                                Date 1 September 2019