26 Email to David Kenyon re Highbrook Devenish Lane

Dear David

Highbrook, Devenish Lane.

Thank you for your response.

As we are only a small Parish Council it is not viable for us to spend public money on a Land Registry Title Deed for this property to prove to the planning department the issues in question. We are assuming that this is done by SSDC before any decision is made by yourselves.

As regard to the question of running a business from there if you Google www.chinacrisishire.co.uk and also www.affordable-marquees.com you will see their websites and the address for these companies is Highbrook, Devenish Lane, Bayford, Wincanton. BA9 9NQ. Obviously this is the reason for the large lorries making deliveries (in a very narrow lane) as mentioned in our previous objection.

Our Chairman Niru Linsley had previously contacted Richard Hawksey regarding running a business at this address and he, at the time, was going to check it out. To date our Chairman has heard nothing from him.