Land at Devenish Lane




Mrs P Gillman,  (Stoke Trister P.C.)    Date: 1 July 2021 Our Ref: 21/01125/FUL/Humphrey Mpezeni (Specialist – A)  

Why have you received this?

South Somerset District Council is obliged to consult Town/Parish Councils as statutory consultees. You are not obliged to respond but if you wish your comments to be taken into account please follow the instructions below.

What is proposed? Application for the Construction of a new mixed-use Equestrian and Agricultural Building and a 60m x 30m outdoor all weather riding arena

Where is it proposed? Land At Devenish Lane Bayford Wincanton

How do I see the submitted plans and information digitally?

Go online to:

Scroll down the homepage to ‘Planning Search’

Insert the Application Reference: 21/01125/FUL

Click on the ‘Documents’ tab to view plans and supporting documents

We require comments by: 22 July 2021.

Please email them to: [email protected] Please clearly state ‘support’ or ‘object’.

As you now know we will not be sending paper copies of applications to you, so all documentation must be viewed online.

When replying please do not copy in any other SSDC email addresses. We will not be able to reply answering questions posed within representations. If you cannot meet the deadline then your comments may not be considered. We will not chase after 21 days.

NB: For householder or minor applications, in the event of an appeal that proceeds by way of the expedited procedure, any representations made about the application will be passed to the Secretary of State and there will be no opportunity to make further representations.