Minutes of the meeting of the Parish Council 8 July 2021

Minutes of the meeting of the Parish Council held on

Thursday 8 July 2021 at 7.30pm in Bayford Hall

Public Forum

No members of the public were present. Chairman spoke about having a street party for the Queens Jubilee next year. Cllr Rose-Walker will check the villages to see if the parishioners feel it would be a good idea. Chairman asked for information on road closures and costs. Cllr Rose-Walker’s neighbours have offered the use of their 4 acres of land for a bonfire. Chairman also read out Tim Russell’s report.


Cllrs: N Linsley (Chairman) M Grant (Vice Chairman), R Webb-Bowen, J Garrett, A Perry (via Zoom) and L Rose-Walker and C/Councillor A Groskop.

1.Apologies – D/Councillor R Bastable.

2.Declarations of Interest – Cllr Garrett on Planning Application.

3.The Parish Council Meetings held on 13 May 2021. Planning applications: 21/01039/COU Riding Gate House, 20/00279/FUL Hook Valley Farm, 21/01330/FUL  Church Farm. 21/01446/FUL Bayford Motors, 21/01779/HOU & 21/01780/LBC  Manor House . Appeal  20/00359/OUT Appeal no: APP/R3325/W/20/3259421 Land to the East of Penn View, Bayford.    

It was resolved to approve and sign the minutes as a true record

Proposed Cllr Webb-Bowen                                       Seconded Cllr Garrett

4.Planning Matters

a.New Planning Matters

Application No: 20/02935/FUL

Location: Highbrook Devenish Lane Bayford

Proposal: Demolition of existing bungalow and erection of a replacement dwelling and detached garage. – Conflict in decision.

Application No: 21/01039/COU

Location: Riding Gate House, Riding Gate.

Proposal: Change of use of land and siting of 1 No. camping pod to provide holiday accommodation. – Based on one individual building and with that in mind STWBPC have no objections to the application.

Application No: 20/00279/FUL

Location: Land at Hook Farm.

Proposal: Demolition of agricultural building (with prior approval to convert to dwelling – reference 19/00910/PAMB and erection of a detached dwelling and garage –    STWBPC have no objection to this application

Application No: 21/01330/FUL

Location: Church Farm Bayford Lane

Proposal: Redevelopment of Church Farm agricultural buildings and erection of 2 dwellings (as approved under 19/00258/OUT) together with construction of new vehicular access therto and to serve existing bungalow- STWBPC have no objection to the two dwellings applied for. However, we do notice that the two houses to be erected are 5 bedroom houses when the original approved outline application was for two 4 bedroom houses.

Application No: 21/01446/FUL

Location: Bayford Garage, Bayford Hill, Bayford.

Proposal: To raise sections of roof to allow use of vehicle lift. – STWBPC have no objection to the application.

b.Outcome of planning matters already considered

Planning Application No: 20/00638/FUL

Applicants: Mr & Mrs Garrett

Location: Highcroft, Stoke Trister, Wincanton.

Proposal: Erection of a dwelling (resubmission) – Awaiting decision.


Cllr Diggle Perry spoke of the Riding Gate signage that was put in the wrong place. After all this time of waiting for the Council to change it with their many excuses SSDC’s Gary Warren has now said that he will not be changing the sign and has told the Parish Council to find a farmer / Council representative to do it. Clerk to send signs of other road deterrents to Cllr Diggle Perry.


Cllr Garrett  had sent her report to all Councillors prior to the meeting. Report filed with minutes. Cllr Grant mentioned a stile in Beech Lane that had become impassable.


a Statement of Account and Bank Reconciliation

b Bank Balances to 30 June 2021

A resolution is sought to accept the financial statement as at 30 June 2021. Stoke Trister & Bayford PC Current A/C £19,449.65 Stoke Trister&Bayford PC Reserve A/C £8926.29 Leigh Common Savings A/C £5106.31

c A resolution is sought to agree the following payments.

BAC’sPayman  72.00
BAC’sPinnacle Accountancy132.00
BAC’sClerk Salary, expenses & council expenses.  618.07
BAC’sWater2Business  17.68
BAC’sDorset & Somerset Air Ambulance  300.00
BAC’sCitizens Advice Bureau  25.00
BAC’sPCC Stoke Trister540.00

Proposed: Cllr Garrett                                     Seconded: Cllr Grant

8.Riding Gate & East View

Clerk to write to Heather Nesbitt again when her recovery from a car accident has improved.


No further information.


Chairman stated that she is hoping the website is nearing completion. Has to be check through completely before going live.

11.Risk Assessment and the Emergency Plan

Cllr Webb-Bowen and Councillors discussed this further regarding what risks we have and decided to send an email to all Councillors asking what different risks they thought would be applicable. Clerk to send present Risk Assessment to Cllr Webb-Bowen and also send Cllr Rose-Walker a copy of the Emergency Plan.

12.Date of next meetings will be on Thursday 16 September 2021

Meeting closed at 8-33pm

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